Investor Retirement Visa

Subclass 405

The Retirement Subclass 405 Visa is designed for self-funded retirees and their partners, who have no dependents and who would like to reside in Australia during their retirement years. This visa is temporary and will not lead to Australian permanent residence or citizenship.

If you are granted the Subclass 405 Visa you can:

  • Work in Australia up to 40 hours per fortnight

  • Have multiple travel entry

  • Live in Australia for four years

  • Have your partner accompany you to Australia.

The minimum requirements you must meet for eligibility of a subclass 405 include:


You must be 55 years of age or older. Your partner (if any) can be any age.


You must be sponsored by an Australian State or Territory government agency (other than the Australian Capital Territory).


You must have no dependent children or other dependent family members other than a partner. If you are married, or in a de facto relationship, your partner must have no dependent children or other dependent family members.


You must have assets valued at least AUD750,000. These assets will enable you (or you and your partner) to meet initial settlement and ongoing costs of living in Australia.
The assets must be:

  • legally owned and lawfully acquired by you (or you and your spouse), and

  • capable of and available for, transfer to Australia.

If you intend to live in regional Australia on a subclass 405 you must have assets valued at least AUD500,000.

You must have held all of the assets listed above for 2 years prior to you lodging your application, unless the assets are related to superannuation and/or inheritance. If you are intending to sell assets to enable transfer of funds to Australia, then please note that they should not be sold until you are advised to do so by your immigration case officer.


You (or you and your partner combined) must have access to a minimum net income of AUD65,000 (for example, pension rights).

If you intend to live in regional Australia you must have access to a minimum income of AUD50,000.

Designated Investment: 

You must be able to make a designated investment of AUD750,000 in your name (or your and your partner’s name) in the state or territory in which you are being sponsored. If you intend to live in regional Australia, the investment amount need only be AUD500,000.

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