Migration Medical Requirements

Australia enjoys some of the best health standards in the world. To maintain these standards, most visa applicants are required to undergo health tests and meet the minimum standards before being granted their visas.

Why do I need to have a medical?

Australia has very strict health standards and the examinations vary in accordance with the type of visa and the proposed length of stay. In some circumstances you will be required to undergo a chest x-ray and medical examination to be eligible for a visa grant. All applicants, including children, are required to do medicals if this is a pre-requisite to the grant of the visa, however only people over 11 years of age are required to undergo x-rays.

What happens if I do not pass?

Failure to meet the minimum health requirements for your visa may result in a grant refusal, however this depends on the visa subclass you have applied for. In some instances a health waiver may be exercised at the discretion of the doctor and immigration department.

Where can I be assessed?

All health examinations are conducted by approved Panel Doctors who are appointed by the Australian government. Applicants within Australia are required to attend a Bupa Medical Visa Service Centre in the capital city of the State, or may seek permission to attend a doctor in a regional area. Overseas applicants will be provided with a list of approved doctors and medical centres within their area. You cannot complete a medical without a HAP ID which is an individual ID linking your results with your visa application.


Short term temporary residence visas such as Tourist visas typically do not require a health examination for a grant. However health insurance for the duration of the stay is highly encouraged to be sought by the tourist.


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