Migration in Western Australia (WA)

Skills Assessment

Here at Access WA we offer a comprehensive Skills Assessment service to help you fulfil all the requirements of your planned migration to Western Australia. 

As a pre-requisite many visa applications require the main applicant to undertake the Skills Assessment by a relevant assessing body prior to qualifying for migration to Australia. Assessing organisations are appointed by the government, and have the expertise necessary to recognise whether or not an applicant's skills and qualifications match the equivalent Australian standards. These organisations are a separate body to the immigration department and as such do not determine the outcome of the visa application - A successful skills assessment does not guarantee a successful visa application.

The applicant may be required to undertake a practical test or examination, in addition to providing proof of qualifications received as a result of an apprenticeship, internship and education.

Skills assessments are a critical part of any visa application and if not completed successfully may be detrimental to further applications for your Australian visa.
For more information regarding your particular circumstances you can look at our Skills Assessment page or please contact our office for a confidential consultation with our registered migration agents in Western Australia.


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