Access Counselling & Wellbeing

Migrating to a new country can be a very stressful process for many people.

Stress and Anxiety may be viewed as both a cause and a consequence of the huge decision to migrate. Feeling homesick and missing family can be a form of grief and loss and can be difficult to understand and cope with. Trying to learn a new culture and at the same time not losing our identity from our home country can be very challenging process that takes time. Trying to fit into a foreign working environment certainly does not help all these feelings and emotions that are flowing through our minds all at the same time.  Simple things can become over whelming, like simply finding necessities like a doctor or navigating services such as the bus or train system. This can cause us to start thinking, “what is wrong with me”.

Our sister company Access Counselling is well positioned to help you with all or any concerns you may be experiencing. We have been assisting migrants from all over the world from different cultures for the past 18 years.

Our list of services includes:

  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Career Counselling
  • Children’s counselling
  • Couples therapy
  • FIFO counselling
  • General and Drug Addiction counselling
  • Grief and loss

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