Am I eligible for an Australian Partner Visa

Are you looking to sponsor your spouse or be sponsored on a Partner Visa?

Australia’s Partner Visa options enable you and your partner to start a life together in Australia. There are currently various options and pathways for bringing your loved one to be with you in Australia, these include onshore and offshore visas.

To make a valid Partner Visa Perth application, you will be required to provide evidence that your relationship is genuine and ongoing, and that you meet several requirements known as ‘financial’, ‘social’, ‘nature of household’ and ‘nature of commitment’ factors.

Consider the options below to see which visas you may be eligible for, if you aren’t sure which visa option is best suited to you and your partner phone our office to book an initial consultation where we can assess your eligibility and match which visa is best suited to you and your spouse.

300 Partner Visa

The subclass 300 is an offshore temporary residence partner visa. This visa is a single visa that...


309 Partner Visa

The subclass 309 visa is an Offshore visa for partners and spouses of Australian Citizens,...


461 Partner Visa

The subclass 461 visa is an onshore or offshore Temporary residence partner visa. The 461 visa is...


820 Partner Visa

The subclass 820 visa is an onshore temporary resident partner visa. This Visa is a two-part...


Partner (Migrant) visa (subclass 100)

This subclass of visa is for those partner visa holders who were granted a Subclass 309 Provisional...


Partner (Permanent) visa (subclass 801)

This visa subclass is a Permanent Residence partner visa. It is the pathway for holders of the...