This visa holder is entitle to live in Australia in order to care for someone with a long term medical condition who has no other reasonable access to care in Australia.  This visa is a permanent residence visa.


This visa is lodged offshore and the applicant will remain offshore during the processing of the visa.  The applicant must be sponsored by their relative or the partner of their relative for the first two years of the visa. The applicant is required to provide care for the relative or family member of their family, who lives with them and has no reasonable access to care in Australia. The applicant will also be required to show that they have a full understanding of the medical condition and the care that is required.

The sponsor is required to lodge a sponsorship and show that they are of good character and can support the applicant if required.  There are limitations on sponsorship and the sponsor must be aware of these prior to lodging the sponsorship application.


Once the Visa is approved the applicant is required to remain with the sponsor and continue their care for a period of at least 2 years following the grant of the visa.  This is a permanent resident visa and will have full work, study and living rights in Australia. The applicant must maintain residence status and good character to be able to qualify for Citizenship.