This permanent residence visa allows a state or territory to nominate skilled people to fill positions that are available within regional Australia. This visa is a points based visa and dependent on state or territory occupational requirements


This visa is a state sponsored visa. It is a permanent residence visa and allows the applicant to live, work and study in Australia. The applicant is required to have a skills assessment, have an occupation on the relevant state list and be invited to apply for the visa once the applicant has satisfied the points test. The applicant is required to lodge state nomination in order to be granted state sponsorship.  English, skills, experience and qualifications all contribute to the calculation of the points for the this visa and family members can also contribute points under certain circumstances.

The applicant is entitled to add family to this visa application and all applicants are required to meet heath, character and English requirements.


After grant of the visa, the applicant is required to live and work regionally for at least 2 years in the state that has sponsored them. The applicant is a permanent resident and is entitled to Medicare benefits and can apply for citizenship once they meet those requirements.