Australian Residents, Permanent Residence Visa Holders or Eligible New Zealand citizens are able to use this visa to sponsor their child into Australia to live.  Age and dependency are relevant criteria for this visa application.


This visa is lodged offshore and the applicant is required to remain offshore until the visa is granted.  The applicant may enter Australia on another visa during the processing period provided they meet the requirements for that visa. The applicant is required to be the biological child of the sponsor and under the age of 18.  If the applicant is the biological child of the sponsor but over the age of 18, the applicant must show that they have continued to study and be dependent on the sponsor since turning 18.  The applicant may not be older than 23 years at the date of application.

The applicant is also required to have the consent of the other parent if the child is under the age of 18.  The applicant is required to meet health requirements and if the applicant is 16 or older, then the applicant is also required to meet character requirements. There are exception to age and dependency depending on certain circumstances.

The sponsor is required to lodge a sponsorship and show that they are of good character and can support the applicant if required.  There are limitations on sponsorship and the sponsor must be aware of these prior to lodging the sponsorship application.


Once the visa is approved, the applicant is classed as a permanent resident and is entitled to full work and study rights. The applicant must maintain residence status and good character to be able to qualify for Citizenship.