This visa is granted in terms of an agreement between limited countries and is granted as a resulting of holding a passport for that country. No proof of income, travel funds, travel history, character or health is required for this visa application. This visa is granted for 12 months with a 3 month stay allowed on each arrival. It is an offshore visa and cannot be applied for while onshore in Australia.


The applicant must hold a passport from an eligible country and the grant is automatic as a result of the passport country.

Business Activity is allowed on this visa so the visa holder may make general business or employment enquiries, investigate or negotiate to enter into a business contract, conduct activities as part of a government visit or take part in a conference or trade fair.

The visa does not allow the applicant to work. There is 3 months of study allowed on this visa but this must not be the main purpose of the travel to the Australia. Visa holders can use this visa to travel, tour, cruise or visit family as well as business activity.

This visa is granted for 12 months or however long the passport is valid for, whichever is shorter.

The applicant is allowed to stay for only 3 months on each entry. The cost of this visa is free but an online admin fee of $20 is charged at application. Application and grant is offshore so the applicant can’t apply for this visa while in Australia.


The visa holder is entitled to visit Australia for a short term only. This visa allows travel to and around Australia but has no work rights and very limited study rights. The visa holder will have limited business activity.

The visa holder must department Australia prior to the visa stay expiring.