The eVisitor visa is extended to certain countries who have agreements with Australia to allow those passport holders to obtain visitors visas without having to provide extensive evidence of their intention to return to their home country. This visa is generally granted for 12 months with a limit of three month stay on each arrival.


The applicant must hold a passport from an eligible country and have no criminal convictions or have never had a visa refused or cancelled by Australia This visa is granted for 12 months with a stay of up to 3 months on each entry. The visa starts on the day it is granted and terminates 12 months later. The three months starts on the day the applicant enters Australia and ends 90 days later. It has multiple entry rights for the holder who can enter and exit Australia unlimited amount of times while holding the visa. The applicant is required to show that they have funding to support their stay in Australia and that they will leave Australia at the end of the visa period. They are not required to show funding but merely confirm that they have the funding. The applicant is required to ensure that they have no debt owing to the Australian Government. Dependants cannot be added to this visa and each person is required to make application on their own for this visa.


The visa holder is entitled to visit Australia for a short term only. This visa allows travel to and around Australia but has no work rights and very limited study rights. The visa holder will have limited business activity.

The visa holder must department Australia prior to the visa stay expiring.