Offshore Parents of settled Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents or eligible New Zealand Citizens can use this visa to migrate to Australia to live with their family provided they meet balance of family and other criteria.  This visa is also available to Retirees who currently hold a Subclass 410 or Subclass 405 who have not since held another substantive visa.


This visa is lodged offshore and no bridging visa is available with this visa subclass.  The applicant is required to remain offshore for the duration of the visa processing.  The applicant can enter Australia on a different visa subclass if they meet those requirements.  The applicant is required to meet the age requirements and the balance of family test to be eligible to apply for this visa.  The applicant will also be required to meet the Health and Character requirements prior to being placed in the queue.

The sponsor is required to lodge a sponsorship and show that they are of good character and can support the applicant if required. The sponsor is required to lodge an Assurance of Support to prove they are able to support the applicant if required. There are limitations on sponsorship and the sponsor must be aware of these prior to lodging the sponsorship application.

If applying as a Retiree, you are not required to have a sponsor or lodge an Assurance of support and you don’t have to meet the balance of family requirement. You need to hold a valid Subclass 405 visa or Subclass 410 visa.


Once the Visa is approved the applicant will be an Australian Permanent Resident and will be entitled to remain in Australia indefinitely. The applicant will be entitled to Medicare Benefits. This visa also allows the applicant to apply for citizenship when they have met the Citizenship requirements.