This is a visa which allows an applicant to take part in workplace-based occupational training activities. It is used to improve job skills, experience in tertiary study fields and learn skills that are relevant to the field of expertise. It is also used for professional development training programs in Australia.


This visa is a temporary visa and allows the visa holder to remain in Australia for up to 2 years. The applicant can visit Australia to complete workplace-based training in their field of study, or a professional development training program. The visa requires that the visa applicant be sponsored by an employer, or be nominated or invited by the Australian Government.

There are three types of nomination for this visa:

  • Occupational training required for registration
  • Occupational training to improve skills
  • Occupation training for capacity building overseas.

This is required where the sponsor will be nominating the applicant into a position, the type of position, the purpose of the training and the details of the training to be provided. The applicant will require an approved sponsor to be able to apply for this visa. The applicant and dependent family members must both meet heath and character requirements. The applicant must meet the minimum English requirements. This visa can’t be extended and the applicant must show that they are a genuine temporary entrant who has intention to return to their home country on completion of this visa.


This visa is a temporary visa, allowing the visa holder to work in a nominated position, receiving training and work experience and live in Australia for the period of the visa. The visa is not a pathway to permanent residence and the visa holder is not entitled to any benefits on this visa.