International Students who have completed courses in Australia may be eligible to apply for this Temporary Graduate Visa if their occupation is on the Medium Long Term Skills Occupation List or they have obtained a Degree from an Australian University


This visa has 2 pathways. The Graduate Work Stream which requires that they occupation be on the MLTSOL and the Post-Study Work Stream, which is available for those who have graduated with a Degree from an Australian Institution.

The applicant is required to lodge the visa within 6 months of finalising their studying and must meet English, health and character requirements. The applicant must also show that they have at least 92 weeks of full time study completed in Australia.  The intention of the visa is to allow the applicant to gain international work experience in their field of study.

This visa allows the applicant to work, study and live in Australia for a period of 18 months to 4 years depending on the stream. Family can be included in this visa.

In certain circumstances, the applicant is required to show that they meet the skills and language requirements and these are date of application criteria. The applicant also has a limited period of time to lodge the visa application following the end of the study period.


The visa holder is entitled to live work and study in Australia. The visa holder must abide by all the rules of Australia and must maintain health and character. The visa holder is required to ensure that contact information with the Department of Home Affairs remains updated during their stay and that their travel documents remain up to date. No extension of this visa is allowed.